About Heartland Supported Living, Inc.

We are dedicated to providing a standard of care that will surpass all others.

At Heartland Supported Living, our extensive administrative and support staff facilitate access to personal assistance (PA) and individualized supported living (ISL) services to individuals with developmental disabilities in association with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, as well as consumer-directed services (CDS) and inhome services for the elderly in association with the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

Where we began

A history of service

Established in 1997, Heartland Supported Living, Inc., began as a provider of Individualized supported living (ISL) services to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. We started with two administrative staff and one secretary.

Ron McCormick, owner/CEO, retired in 2006, but in 2011 he returned to his passion for helping others and reentered the disability field, reopening Heartland Supported Living, Inc.

Established. Experienced. Passionate.

We’ve grown to meet the needs of our community.

Today, Heartland Supported Living has 10 administrative staff and hundreds of support staff granting our clients with health and mobility concerns the highest standards of personal care, nurse visitation and in-home respite service through a staff dedicated to enhancing the lives of clients, working with every team member and utilizing every resource at our disposal to ensure the most holistic care possible.

Going above and beyond

A culture of caring

We believe that our clients should be provided not only with the best care but also with opportunities to enjoy life beyond their homes. Heartland organizes events for clients living in ISL's including BBQ's, pizza parties, trips to the St. Louis Zoo, The Magic House, Cardinal's games and more. Heartland also hosts an annual Christmas party that all clients and staff are invited to attend.
All of these events are meant to strengthen support networks and give us all a chance to have some fun.

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John Smith

Test services
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Adam Meyer

Developmental Disability Services

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