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Senior Services

In-home Services

Home and community based services offered by Heartland Supported Living include personal care, nurse visits, housekeeping and respite. Oversight for nurse visits is provided by a registered nurse. Oversight for all services is provided by a Director of Services.

Members of our in-home team include licensed practical nurses or registered nurses, personal care assistants, certified nurse assistants, case managers and team leaders.

Staff cannot transport clients. However, staff can run errands for clients according to the guidelines of the care plan.

Consumer Directed Services

The CDS allows family members to provide personal care to their loved ones. In this program, staff is able to transport clients to complete errands and events in their community.

Reach out to Heartland Supported Living to find out if you or a loved one are eligible for this service.

Disability Services

Heartland Supported Living, Inc. provides developmental disability services funded through one of five Home and Community Based waivers.

Find out if you or a loved one is eligible for developmental disability services.

Our ISL service is characterized by a creative, flexible, responsive and diverse approach to care. An ISL enables people with developmental disabilities to be fully integrated into their communities. Our ISL services provide individualized support, delivered in a truly personalized way to individuals who live in their own homes with up to 24 hours of support.

ISL recipients choose their residence—leased by the clients who live there or by a designated representative or guardian. They also choose their housemate and their level of community engagement. We assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to live successfully at home.

We understand better than most the level of commitment and energy it takes to provide exceptional care to loved ones. Our In-Home Respite care option gives you the support you need to rest, recover and return at your best.

Out-of-home respite is care provided outside the home in a licensed, accredited or certified waiver residential facility, ICF/IDD or State Habilitation Center by trained and qualified staff according to an individual care plan and not on a permanent basis, limited to no more than 60 days annually.

This limit may be exceeded on an individual basis when necessary to protect the health and welfare of a waiver participant subject to approval.

Our personal assistance services provide opportunities for instruction and the practice of activities promoting independence, including assistance with any activity of daily living (ADL). General supervision and protective oversight may also be provided through the use of advanced remote monitoring technology.

ADL includes bathing, toileting, transfer and ambulation, skincare, grooming, dressing, care of adaptive equipment, meal preparation, feeding, and incidental household cleaning and laundry.

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Test services
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Developmental Disability Services

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