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Meet the Team: Heartland Supported Living, Inc. recently opened their first Adult Day Habilitation Center in Mississippi County. Located at 2460 MO-105, Charleston, MO 63834, the center is centrally placed within the county for easy accessibility. Rebecca (Becca) Johnson (pictured on the left) is the Manager of the center. Her life experience as a mother and advocate of a child with developmental disabilities along with her previous work as an aid at the East Prairie school district, being a certified medical technician as well as other positions in the senior and disability field have prepared her for this role. Tracy Robinson (pictured on the right) is the Assistant Manager. Her life experiences with family members with disabilities along with her work history as a certified medical technician has prepared her for this position. Both Becca and Tracy understand the importance of every individual having the opportunity to be heard and seen as valuable members of society. They also understand how learning and communication will contribute to more independence for those who attend the center and are eager to help make this happen. Tracy is fluent in American Sign Language and is already working with participants who are limited verbally. Please help us welcome Becca and Tracy as we launch the Heartland Adult Day Center.

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